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Features of our Economics Tuition Programme

 Effective Use of Lesson Time
With a structured Scheme of Work (SOW) which covers all the topics of the A-Level Economics syllabus, each lesson is conducted with a lesson plan in mind to ensure that all the learning objectives are met. On top of covering the mandatory subject content, students are also taught key techniques and skills to answer case studies and essay questions.

While some Economics essay writing work will be assigned, it does not dominate the tuition lesson time. For greater efficiency, students are encouraged to complete their Economics essay writing assignments at home. This allows us to spend time in class reviewing the work done, which will deliver greater benefit to students.

 Comprehensive Handouts
The Economics notes are specially written by Mr Anthony Fok to help students better prepare for their A-Level examination. Selected Cambridge examiners' comments are also included in the notes. Students will also get to practice on selected Economics essay and case study questions. Model essays are also given to help students learn how to apply the economics concepts in answering the examination questions.

 Real-world Economics in the Classroom
In order for students to have a competent grasp of the content covered in the A-level Economics syllabus, time will be allocated to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the theories and principles taught in Economics. Students are also trained to think critically rather than mere memorization of Economics concepts. Through the use of real world Economics scenarios presented in the form of newspaper articles, news clips and videos, students will be able to understand the economic events and issues that revolve around their everyday lives.

 Small Class Size
Small class size makes the classroom environment more conducive for teaching and learning. Students also receive more individualized attention.

 Value-Added Services
Mr Anthony Fok gives his personal mobile number to all his students for easy contact. Students can SMS him their queries on Economics and he will guide them to clarify their concepts, even after tuition hours. Students also have the flexibility to arrange for makeup lessons within the same week if they are unable to attend a particular lesson due to sickness or school activities. This provides busy students with more flexibility in planning their time.