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1. Explain the benefits of a low rate of inflation.

2. Explain the causes of falling inflation in Singapore.

3. Explain the internal and external factors that will likely cause inflation in Singapore.

4. Discuss how effective interest rates may be in controlling inflation, if the rate of inflation were to become unacceptably high.

5. Discuss whether Singapore has implemented the most appropriate policies in recent years to maintain price stability in its economy.

6. Explain the main causes of inflation in your country.

7. Discuss the view that monetary policy is the best way to solve inflation in your country.

8. Discuss whether the Singapore government currently adopts the most appropriate economic policies to maintain a low rate of inflation.

9. Explain what causes inflation.

10. Explain and evaluate the policies which a government may adopt to reduce the rate of inflation in an economy.

11. Discuss whether an increase in the rate of inflation is more likely to cause problems for the domestic or the external sector of the Singapore economy.

12. Discuss whether monetary policy is the best policy to curb inflation in Singapore.

13. Explain the likely causes of inflation in an economy.

14. Explain the possible impact of rising global oil prices on the Singapore economy.

15. Comment on the possible measures that Singapore can adopt to alleviate the adverse impact of rising global oil prices.

16. Discuss the view that a strong Singapore dollar is the most appropriate policy to maintain price stability.