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International Trade

1. Explain some possible causes of a balance of trade deficit and consider if USA should be concerned over its trade deficit with China.

2. Discuss whether protectionism is the most effective policy to deal with a balance of payment deficit.

3. Discuss the view that globalization holds more demerits than merits for a developed economy.

4. Explain the different forms of protectionism in practice today.

5. Discuss whether countries should resort to trade protectionism when faced with an economic crisis.

6. Explain why trade occurs between developed and developing countries.

7. To what extent do free trade agreements determine the pattern of trade between Singapore and the rest of the world?

8. Evaluate the arguments for protectionism in light of the current global economic downturn.

9. Explain the reasons why a country would wish to restrict imports.

10. Explain the economic justification for Singapore in the signing of FTAs with other countries.

11. Discuss the impacts of removing barriers of trade on an economy.

12. Discuss the effects of a sustained rise in the prices of crude oil in the balance of payments (BOP) of Singapore.

13. Explain the possible causes of USA’s current account deficit.

14. Discuss whether a depreciation of the currency is the best way to address a worsening balance of payment position of a country.

15. Explain the rationale for a free trade and discuss the extent to which FTAs are beneficial.

16. Explain how specialization and trade may benefit even a large economy with abundant resources like India or China.

17. Discuss how Singapore benefits from signing free trade agreements.

18. Explain how a developed country like USA can be affected by globalization.

19. Discuss the policies that the Singapore government has adopted to alleviate the adverse effects of globalization.

20. Assess the impact of FTA on Singapore.

21. How does the theory of comparative advantage explain modern international trade.

22. How relevant is the theory of comparative advantage in explaining Singapore’s trade patterns.

23. Discuss whether protectionism offers any advantages over specialization.

24. Explain why Singapore trades with both developed and developing countries.

25. Discuss the impact of globalization on developing and developed countries.

26. Discuss the impact of globalization on an emerging country like China.

27. Assess whether managing exchange rates is the only policy that a country might adopt to tackle ailing export competitiveness.