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Macroeconomic Objectives and Macroeconomic Policies

1. Explain the macroeconomic aims of the Singapore government.

2. Explain the supply side and trade policies that the Singapore government could adopt to improve global competitiveness.

3. Discuss the policy measures that the government can undertake in the face of problems that can arise from higher oil prices.

4. Discuss the most appropriate economic policies that the government can adopt to bring a country out of a recession.

5. Discuss the relative significance of the size of the multiplier and the degree of openness of the Singapore economy in influencing its macroeconomic policy decisions.

6. Discuss the challenges that the Singapore government faces in achieving the macroeconomic objectives.

7. Discuss the view that for a small and open economy like Singapore, demand management policies are largely ineffective.

8. Discuss whether fiscal policy is the best method to reduce a balance of trade deficit.

9. To what extent can the opening of the new Integrated Resorts (IR) in Singapore, help to achieve the macroeconomic goals for Singapore.

10. Explain the macroeconomic aims of the Singapore government and the policies implemented to achieve these aims.

11. Explain how monetary and fiscal policies are used to increase aggregate demand.

12. What are the key macroeconomic goals of the Singapore economy?

13. Discuss the policy measures that would best help the government to overcome the most significant macroeconomic problem Singapore is currently facing.

14. Discuss how the characteristics of being small and open has influenced the policy options of the Singapore government.

15. Discuss the conflicts that may arise between the pursuit of full employment and other macroeconomic policy objectives.

16. Discuss the importance of the various elasticity concepts to a government’s economic policies.