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The A-level Economics examination requires students to have the ability to understand and interpret Economics information presented in textual, numerical or graphical form. It also requires students to select and apply Economics concepts and principles to explain and analyse recent events at both the micro and macro levels.

Students need to be able to bridge the link between question and content. Whilst hard work and dedication is needed to master the material from the textbooks and lecture notes, it is not enough to score that elusive ‘A’. Students must know how to interpret the question to attain the desired answer. Many students make the mistake of memorizing model essays from books. However, it is more useful for students to focus on question analysis instead of memorizing the essays. Students should try to find out the examiners’ intention in asking the question, phrasing it in a particular manner, and using certain Economics key words. Students should also pay attention to how "Analysis," "Application" and "Evaluation" questions are done. When looking through the Economics model essays, observe how the authors have given both depth and breadth in their answers.

Students should also ensure that they are equipped with a multitude of varied points and arguments, in order to do well in the examinations. For example, students might need to analyze the issue on hand from a variety of perspectives (e.g. consumer versus producer, short-term versus long-term, internal versus external). Hence, they should read beyond the lecture notes and be interested in current Economics affairs. They should also participate actively and constructively in school and during tuition classes. Students need to be able to interpret examination questions correctly and construct arguments effectively. They need to be able to fully understand the requirements of the essay question. The A-level Economics syllabus has emphasized on the Singapore economy. Hence, students are required to have a good understanding of the important economic issues and policies that are affecting Singapore both locally and internationally.

Students also need to make use of appropriate and relevant diagrams to explain the economic analysis. Students need to ensure that they manage their time wisely by paying attention to the marks allocation and avoid writing irrelevant answers. This will help students to complete their examination papers within the stipulated time limits.