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1. Explain the main causes of unemployment in Singapore in recent years.

2. To what extent could a shift from direct tax to indirect tax reduce unemployment in Singapore.

3. Discuss whether Singapore will solve the problem of increasing unemployment differently form the USA.

4. Discuss whether fiscal policy is the most effective way for Singapore to fight unemployment.

5. Discuss whether you consider a fall in exchange rate to be the most effective way to achieve full employment.

6. Discuss whether demand-side factors or supply-side factors are responsible for the rise in unemployment in Singapore.

7. Discuss whether the Singapore government should ever be concerned about the economic consequences of falling unemployment.

8. Assess the policies that the Singapore government can adopt to reduce the harmful effects of unemployment.

9. Discuss the extent to which problems are likely to arise from the use of fiscal policy to achieve full-employment in Singapore.

10. Discuss the extent to which demand-side policies could be adopted to address the problem of unemployment in Singapore.

11. Compare the use of supply side policies and demand side policies in solving unemployment.